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Frequently Asked Questions

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What Is Damp Proofing

We use damp proofing as a general term to describe treatments and methods of controlling moisture in a building

What Is A Damp Proof Course?

Damp proof courses are usually installed in a house at the time of construction, types can vary depending on the age of the building and can fail for different reasons. We can install a new DPC retrospectively using an injection system carried out by our specialist.

What Is A Damp Proof Membrane?

A damp proof membrane can be used to stop damp coming into a property either through the floors or the wall, it creates an impenetrable cavity to stop any form one penetrating damp, any water ingress issue should be dealt with before this is installed.

Does My House Already Have Damp Proofing?

Your first port of call ideally would be to contact a specialist to access this for you but if you look approx. 150mm from the external floor level up the wall you should see a black continuous line in the mortar joint indicating a damp course is installed although it may also have failed or be breached.

How Do I Damp Proof My House?

There are lots of different types of damp that can affect your property so its important to have a competent surveyor carry out a thorough survey to identify and diagnose your specific issue in order to deal with it the most effective way.

What Damp Proofing Solutions Can Be Applied?

The most commonly used method is installing a remedial damp course, but you need an expert to identify exactly what damp issue you have, it may be rising damp or penetrating damp or condensation; they can all appear pretty similar.

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